It is impossible to immerse into Armenian culture without tasting Armenian national dishes.

Armenian specialties
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  History and description:

Armenian cuisine is the oldest in the Transcaucasus. It originated about 2000 years ago. There is a large number of dairy products and meat dishes in Armenian cuisine, and this is a result of the early development of animal husbandry in the Armenian highlands, and the use of a large number of grains, vegetables and herbs is explained the well-developed agriculture. It is difficult to imagine an Armenian table without these products.

  Originally, Armenians prepared their food in pots, and bread was baked in a special oven called tonir. Another feature of the national cuisine is the large amount of herbs and spices. Cooks in Armenia use numerous wild flowers and grasses (about 300 species). Various spices and ingredients are made from these flowers and grasses, or they are used as a single dish.


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