Wine Country Origin : France

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Wine Description

The recipe for suyuch:
For 4-5 days minced meat is minced with a meat grinder, the hole size of which should not exceed 2 millimeters. Then add to the minced meat chopped garlic and the rest of the spices that the recipe contains. The fat is salted for 6-7 days, then minced on a meat grinder with holes of at least 2-3 mm and mixed with minced meat. The mixture is left to mature for 1-2 days, after which it is poured into the membranes of small intestine with the help of syringes. Spraying is usually carried out at 75% of the salt capacity, after which a circle with a diameter of 10-15 diameters is indicated. The filled sticks are placed on a flat surface and pressed at 0-2 ° C for 3 days. Sujuk is hung for 12-15 days at a temperature of 12 ° C.
Sujuch is hermetically packed by the producer. The slices have different weights, from 0,6 kg to 1,2 kg. If you want to order, please contact us to specify the weight.
In the piece 100 g. costs 7.30 CHF/sliced 9 CHF