ARENI Collection

1 Old Bridge Reserve 2014 ,1 Old Bridge Reserve 2015 ,1 Van Ardi Reserve 2017 ,1 Trinity Ansestors 2018, 1 Trinity EH Reserve 2017 ,1 Trinity 6100 Organic Wine 2018.

Vintage : 2014,2015,2017,2018
Quality Label : Gold Medaille - Challenge Millésime BIO, Montpelier 2020
Grapes : Areni
Winery : Trinity,Van Ardi ,Old Bridge

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210.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Old Bridge Reserve 2014,2015 : The wine has remarkable aromas and flavor intensity, complex and powerful taste of dried black fruits, a range of different spices and honey, coffee, leather and black pepper.
Van Ardi Reserve 2017 :Areni is today the leading face of Armenian indigenous grape varieties. Parallels are drawn between Areni and Pinot Noir. Contrary to convention, Areni grows outside the Areni region. Only hand-selected and sorted healthy berries are used for the wine.
Trinity Ancestors 2018 Amphora Wine.
This inimitable wine is made from Areni Noir grapes harvested from century-old vineyards with their own roots. It was fermented naturally for over a month and macerated for 5 months in karas, Armenian terracotta vessels buried in the ground. The wine is unrefined, unfiltered. Without the addition of sulfates .
Trinity EH 2017 :This outstanding expression of Areni Noir grapes combines elegance and eloquence. Subtle but powerful tannins, pronounced acidity and a long finish create exceptional balance and complexity. Elegant, fruity bouquet with typical ripe black fruit scents accompanied by the woody notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla.
Trinity 6100 Organic wine .Elegant fruity bouquet with typical scents of ripe red fruits, accompanied by notes of caramel and vanilla. On the palate the wine appears with soft ripe tannins, refreshing acidity and long finish.
This native grape variety of Armenia can probably be safely called the most original noble grape variety in the world. Its late ripening, intense grapes are like a rare diamond in the rough, perfect for vinifying a particularly rich, elegantly aromatic wine with great ageing potential.