TRINITY VOSKEHAT ANCESTORS AMBER Trockenwein 2018 Ausverkauft!

Vintage : 2018
Grapes : 100% Voskehat
Winery : TRINITY
Production Type : Orage Wine
Drinking Maturity : trinkreif
Wine Country Origin : Armenia

35.00 CHF 35.0 CHF

35.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Trinity Ancestors Orange Wine 2018

We began the “Natural wine” experiment in 2014. Our “Orange” wines are made according to traditional wine making techniques used in Armenia thousands of years ago, including the fermentation in terracotta vessels, called karas in Armenian, no sulfur addition and long skin maceration times of white grapes after the fermentation is over. We were inspired by the quality and aromatic profile of Voskehat that perfectly fits the idea of skin macerated whites. Its expressive acidity, exceptional complexity and thin grape skin balance the oxidative character and silky astringency of the wine.