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At HIN ARENI, we strive to ensure that Areni grape is given the chance to show its beauty and that Armenian winemaking can duly pride itself with quality. Founded by Karapetyan family in 2013, HIN ARENI Winery combines historic traditions of winemaking with state-of-the-art modern equipment. A renowned winery design expert from Argentina, Mario Japaz, has designed our winery. All our winery equipment is modern and originates either from Italy and France. Our consulting winemaker, Didier Cornillon, is also from France. We pick our grapes by hand, then hand select them, after which they undergo gentle pressing in a pneumatic press. The storage is done with T control in SSA tanks. We age our red wines in barrels made from oak grown on the lush slopes of Artsakh. HIN ARENI winery has the capacity to process over 250 tons of grapes. All our wines are single-varietal (monocepage) and made of 100 % Areni Noir and 100 % Voskehat grape.Hin Arenis vineyards are situated at an elevation of 1215-1250 meters above the sea level, in and around Areni, namely in Tap, Getap and Ishkatap. We have a total of 32 hectares of vineyards, of which 25 are already being harvested and we have recently planted 7 more hectares. The sedimentary and rich volcanic soil, coupled with high elevation climate of Areni gives our wines a bold structure and expressive aromatic bouquet.




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