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100% natürliche Konfitüren aus dem Ararat Tal. Unser Sortiment umfasst ein vielfältiges Angebot an exklusiven Geschmacksrichtungen: von Walnüssen, Feigen, Aprikosen bis zu Quitten und Maulbeeren.

Die Ernte findet saisonal (vom Spätsommer bis Frühherbst) statt, wenn die Früchte natürlich sonnengereift sind.Jede Frucht wird handverlesen und nur die Besten schaffen es ins Glass.Dies schmeckt man in unseren Produkten.Daher brauchen und erhalten unsere Konfitüren keine zusätzlichen Aromen, GVO ,Pektin oder künstliche Farbstoffe und Konservierungsstoffe.

Stattdessen werden die Früchte in Armenien traditionell nur lange geköchelt. Dadurch erhalten sie eine ungewöhnlich zarte Konsistenz.

Konfitüren werden nach traditionellen Rezepten zubereitet und haben aus diesem Grund einen  ausgezeichneten Geschmack von zu Hause zubereiteten Gerichten.


6.50 CHF 6.5 CHF
Prepared with sun-ripened Armenian quinces from the Ararat Valley.

Our Quince Jam Extra tastes great in combination with Manchego, Roncal, Zamorano, Bouc Emissaire cheeses. You can make excellent pancakes with our quince jam.

Highest quality

Contains no pectin, artificial colors or flavors.
375 g


6.20 CHF 6.2 CHF
Each jar of this 100% natural mulberry preserve is filled with full-bodied, ripe mulberries that develop a distinct flavor and aroma. It is almost addictive because of its complex and layered flavor. This preserve is made of whole fruits preserved in thick sweet syrup.
This Mulberry Conserve is simply a pleasant way to start the day and make any occasion even better. It is an excellent topping for toast, scones, muffins or classic savory pairings like cheese, peanut butter or nuts. It can be perfectly combined with croissants, waffles and pancakes and added to yogurt, ice cream and milkshakes.
- 100% natural ingredients
- Whole black mulberries in syrup
- Made only from handpicked fresh berries
- No pectin added
- Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union
- GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan
- No artificial ingredients, no preservatives added
- No colors added
- Glass - BPA, BPS & DEHP free


6.60 CHF 6.6000000000000005 CHF
Each jar of this 100% natural fig preserve is filled with ripened, tender figs that have a flavor perfect for delicious combinations. You will definitely taste the bold flavor of each fig in this jam. This jam is made of whole fruits preserved in thick sweet syrup
This fig preserve is a pantry essential because of its many uses. It is an irreplaceable enhancer of your favorite bread, toasts, croissants, scones or crepes in the morning. Its sweetness can be compared to the saltiness of cheeses such as Brie, Boursin, Mascarpone, Mozzarella and Red Hawk Cheese. Can also be a flavorful base for marinades and glazes, as well as a perfect complement to ice cream and yogurt.
- 100% Natural Ingredients
- Whole Black Figs in Syrup
- Only from hand-picked, fresh fruits
- No Pectin Added
- Kosher certified by Orthodox Union
- GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
- No artificial ingredients, No preservatives
- No Colors Added
- Glass Jar - BPA, BPS & DEHP Free


7.50 CHF 7.5 CHF
Walnut jam is made from 100% natural ingredients: Walnuts, sugar, water, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom. No pectin, the gelling agent commonly used for jams, is used. Walnuts are known for their high content of omega-3 fatty acids. They lower fat and cholesterol, protecting the heart and blood vessels.
This exceptional jam from A&D Food scores not only as an exclusive delicacy, but is also an important source of health and belongs to every breakfast table. Paired with feta, camembert or blue cheese, it is a special taste experience. The jam is also suitable for the evening dessert platter. The sweet, nutty flavor also pairs well with quince wine. Walnut jam is a valuable addition to the colorful gourmet world. This handmade Green Walnut Conserve is a traditional delicacy made from early green walnuts. The walnuts are picked fresh and green (before their outer shells form) and then cured in syrup. This jam creates a unique texture and flavor that will please even the most discriminating gourmets.
This incredible, unique jam is a delicious addition to baking and cooking recipes. It is ideal when paired with hard cheeses and blue cheeses, and is the perfect garnish for any food from savory to sweet. It is also a perfect garnish for pâté, game dishes and foie gras and pairs well with ice cream and yogurt.

100% natural ingredients
- Whole walnuts in syrup
- Only from handpicked, fresh nuts
- No pectin added
- Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union
- GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan
- No artificial ingredients, no preservatives added
- No colors added
- Glass - BPA, BPS & DEHP free
0.3 L


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