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Winery : KATARO

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Wine Description

KATARO RED WINE ARTSAKH / 100% Sireni /Artzach : The deep red color of these wines is paired with the intensity of dark berries and aromas of ripe red fruits.
KATARO WHITE WINE/ Lalvari,Banants,Khatuni :Elegant and floral, fresh and mineral with hints of citrus fruits and white peach.
KATARO ROSÉ/ Areni,Tozot,Kakhet :The nose is fruity and elegant; the taste is fresh and crisp, with hints of strawberry and fruits, ending with a marked minerality. The grapes are grown in the region of Vayots Dzor and Ararat Valley, Armenia, where the soil is limestone and volcanic rock. The continental highlands have hot summers and cold, dry winters. The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand.

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