TUSHPA -White Dry Wine

Vintage : 2019
Grapes : Kangun
Winery : TUSHPA
Production Type : aromatic white wine
Drinking Maturity : trinkreif
Wine Country Origin : Armenia
Wine Region : Ararat Region

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22.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Made from 100% Ararat Valley native Kangun grape. The wine is dry, light yellow in color, with a fruity and floral bouquet, and noticeable citrus notes, which add a crisp acidic note to this smooth wine. It has been stored in stainless steel pre-bottling. Produced following over 6000 years of Armenian winemaking traditions. Serve it cold at 7-10°C. Pairs well with white meats, white fish, cheeses and light vegetables. Store in a cool dark place at 8-16°C